Cost savings

How we save money

  • Fuel costs

    Our fuel-saving technologies could save you up to 70%.

  • Wear parts

    Machines designed to minimise wear and a wear parts service you can rely on.

  • Operational costs

    Fast set-up times and easy transport solutions reduce operational costs.

  • Maintenance

    Remotely update all software, accurately plan maintenance and reduce your service time.

Fuel costs

Keestrack are at the forefront of deploying fuel saving technologies such as load-sensing hydraulics and offering hybrid diesel / electric drive options – two great ways to reduce fuel consumption with no loss of performance. For example, our electric drive models can save up to 70% when connected to a mains supply.

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Wear parts

At Keestrack we design our machines to minimize wear. For example, we use big pre-screens on our crushers that optimise product shape and therefore minimise the wear on the crushers. We also offer an extensive range of genuine wear parts that are high quality and optimised for peek performance, meaning when a part needs replacing it can be done so with confidence.

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Keestrack machines are designed for easy access to make sure repairs can be done quickly and efficiently. For example, we use steel hydraulic lines wherever possible that offer better self-cooling properties, and are positioned to ensure they can be accessed easily if repairs are needed. We also offer enhanced serving and maintenance with the Keestrack-er telematics remote monitoring software that allows you to test and maintain your equipment from a distance .

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Operational Costs

We design all our products to be operational quickly, to work in ways that suit end-users, and that are integrated into our customers production systems. Some of the ways our products help to reduce operational costs include:    

  • All Keestrack jaw crushers benefit from hydraulic gap adjustment technology that help to avoid quality and loss of production issues by regulating the gap opening    
  • All Keestrack equipment can be controlled by a loading operator via a remote control system
  • Keestrack machines do not need support legs and their set up is less than 30 minutes
  • Due to the relative light and compact transport dimensions Keestrack machines are easy and fast to transport which means more production time
  • Ability to track while producing to save time
  • Smart sequential auto start/ stop from remote

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Fuel efficiency

Our low-emission diesel drives with fuel saving load-sensing hydraulics and alternative electric models reduce your fuel usage and save money. 

Mobile technology

Our unique range of mobile technology means we are able to offer the highest mobility on the market without having to compromise on productivity.

Remote monitoring

Our Keestrack-er software means you can control your fleet of machines remotely, 24 hours a day, reducing downtime and boosting profitability.